1. One of the chief administrative divisions or provinces of the Ottoman Empire; -- formerly called eyalet.

7 letters in word "vilayet": A E I L T V Y.

No anagrams for vilayet found in this word list.

Words found within vilayet:

ae ai ail ait al ale alit alive alt at ate ave ay aye ea eat el elt et eta evil ilea it ita ivy la laity lat late lati lav lave lay lea leat leavy lei let lev leva levity levy ley li lie lit lite live lye lyte ta tae tael tai tail tailye tale tali tav tay te tea teal teil tel tela telia ti tie til tile tivy tye vae vail vale valet vali vat veal vealy veil veily vela vet via viae vial vie vile vita vitae vital vite vlei vly ya yale yate ye yea yelt yet yeti yite